Step 5

Step 5 - Run the custom Automation document

Now that our custom Automation document is complete, we can run the document to launch an instance, wait for the instance to return the ok status, create an S3 bucket, and patch the instance with the execution logs being outputted to the S3 bucket created.

Run the Custom Automation Document

  • Open the AWS Systems Manager console at

  • In the navigation pane, choose Automation, and then choose Execute automation.

  • In the Automation document list, choose the Owned by me tab and then select the custom Automation document created, named LaunchEC2Instance by default.

  • In the Document details section, verify that Document version is set to Default version at runtime.

  • Choose Next.

  • In the Execution Mode section, choose Simple execution.

  • Choose Execute.

After the automation workflow completes, you can expand the Outputs section or click on the Step ID to review more details about each step.